Happy Mail and Interesting Haul , It was a good day. :)

I got happy mail from Karla today! SO yummy and useful! Thank you so mujch for sharing with me Karla. XO
ALso, Marsha shared some AMAZING Tunedex cards with me. I feel I am not worthy of the gift. lol
Also, a haul from a place I used to work a long time ago (20+ years ago), Rings and Things, here in Spokane, WA. I will add the link to their website below.
Thanks for watching you guys, and stay tuned for some different stuff Im thinking about doing with jewelry making supplies and tools. It should be fun!
Here is Rings and Things’s Website:


9 thoughts on “Happy Mail and Interesting Haul , It was a good day. :)

  1. Wow you are having the crafting week of all our dreams, yummy yummy stuff! I So sweet to see how happy it makes you. I feel the same way when I get crafty things I love.

  2. You could put some of your hair in the bottle and sell your DNA. Then make it into a pendant and if you wear it when you craft you can give them inspiration… just kidding… It is good to have different ideas to ho with your journals because they are like noone else's. ❤❤❤

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